Jane Glover was born in the United Kingdom. From a very young age, she developed an intense passion for music and was ready to pursue it without inhibitions. She enrolled at Oxford to read music and later did her Doctor of Philosophy in Venetian opera at the same school. It was at Oxford, in fact, that she conducted her first Opera performance.

Jane Glover is a big name in the Opera industry. She has toured all over the world and conducted some of the most hallowed groups such as the Royal Opera, New York Philharmonic, Belgrade Philharmonic, Saint Luis Symphony Orchestra and so on. She is a self-confessed Mozart specialist and her specialties include Monteverdi, Handel and Britten. She met Benjamin Britten in fact at the age of 16.

She assumed the role of Artistic director in the London Mozart Players in 1984, and under her leadership the group successfully performed many symphonies, both classic and contemporary. Today Glover conducts not just Opera, but also concerts and choral work. She was decorated with the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

Glover remains an inspiration to us here at Jane glover magazine. We are a team of music enthusiasts who are inspired by her legacy and want to spread the message of music to all. As Glover puts it, the purpose of music is to bring a bit to light to our otherwise monotonous, dull and complicated lives.