Here at Jane Glover, we conduct different types of events to bring together the music community and to especially encourage more female musicians to step up. While our main focus remains classical music, we encourage other modern categories of music as well. Our events are mostly held around the Greater London area and occasionally in other parts of Great Britain and Ireland.


We have a great network of opera conductors, music professors and other professional singers and musicians that we strive to utilize for our community here at Jane Glover. On a monthly basis, we invite one of these esteemed musicians to conduct short 15-30 min lessons for free. The idea is to inspire people to take up structured music lessons. The lessons cover vocals, string instruments, percussion, brass instruments and woodwind.


When we invite the aforementioned musicians, we also ask them to conduct talks and engaging sessions on the life and story of great musicians that inspired them to take up music on a full-time professional level. These talks are meant to be two-sided and always include an extensive Q&A session. Such talks happen once a month as well and the tickets are inexpensively priced at less than £10.


As our small but precious community includes budding musicians, we hold events subject to convenience and possibility to promote their talents. There are miniature-scale events are include an audience of less than 20. A small ticket price of £8 usually covers the venue cost.

We are always on the lookout for promising ideas on other types of events we can host. As our digital community is small and tight-knit, we want to add much value as possible to them. Contact us if you would like to collaborate to host an event of your choice.